Alexis Jarrett
Browse the following membership sites I have created using the 3rd party software Memberspace for sites on Wix, Wordpress, and Weebly. 
Client Betsy McNally  | november 2019
Created a custom, password protected membership site on her existing wix website using the 3rd party app memberspace. 
1. I used Memberspace to provide the password protection & financial collection of her membership of custom designed pages in her website. Memberspace is $20 per month and is only for Wix, Squarespace and Weebly. 
2. Those pages have "unlisted" tutorial videos on Youtube that are embed into the password protected pages. She also has PDF guides that download once the buttons are clicked. 
3.  On her home page she has a custom membership link labeled "sign up" to give to customers. She also has pre-sold spots on this course and she can copy and paste her sign up link to any person she chooses without them coming to her website. 
4. I recommended she created a welcome video on a separate to create 101 attention and  answer the "what's next" question her customers will have. This page automatically redirects upon successful sign up.
5. Monthly she can now update the lessons and inspirational video inside her private client area.
Learn more about Memberspace here. I am a not a paid affiliate. I have just used it before and know it works!